Stop the war – solidarity with Rojava!

We demand

  • The immediate withdrawal of the Turkish army and its allies from Northern Syria.
  • An immediate end to economic and military cooperation with Turkey.
  • To take steps for a political solution to the crisis in Syria with the participation of women,
    women’s and people’s representatives from all different national, cultural and religious
    communities in Syria, as well as the recognition of the Democratic Federation of Northern
    and Eastern Syria.
  • To stop the criminalization of the political engagement of Kurdish activists in Germany.

The Democratic Federation of Northeast Syria (Rojava) exemplifies the vision of a peaceful and democratic Middle East based on the liberation of women. This is now to be destroyed. The Turkish army is committing war crimes with its war of aggression by bombing civilian infrastructure such as hospitals, the water supply or the power supply, and by attacking civilians, especially women and children. With this war the IS again threatens to become a danger – not only for Rojava, but also for Europe. It were the Democratic Forces of Syria (SDF) and the local self-defence forces (YPG and YPJ) from Rojava that defeated the IS and its caliphate state.

The Turkish government is not concerned with securing the borders, but with the expulsion of the Kurds and other peoples from the border region and the destruction of the self-governing Rojava region. It is also a direct attack on the achievements of the women’s revolution and the liberation of women. The planned establishment of a so-called „protection zone“ means an ethnic cleansing and resettlement policy of the area. What this means can be seen in Efrîn in Northern Syria, where the Turkish army conquered last year and where arbitrariness and terror now prevail.

The EU’s governments‘ extensive silence means agreement to this war in Turkey. Economic interests and the refugee agreement’s isolation from refugees are more important to them than human rights, women’s liberation, democracy and peace. We express our solidarity with Rojava and demand an immediate end to the war by Turkey and the withdrawal of the Turkish army.

It is about preserving women’s liberation, peaceful coexistence and the further development of ecology and democracy in the region. This concerns us all. Let us defend the values of Rojava, let us not leave the people there alone, it is also about our future.

Nationwide demonstration on 2 November 2019 in Berlin:
Opening rally: 12 to 13 o’clock, Alexanderplatz, Neptunbrunnen, Berlin
Start of the demonstration: 13 o’clock

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